Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Last Entry Of the Day I Promise Jessicas Sense Survey

Jessica answered my questions so here are my answers to hers lol

• What color are your eyes?
• Do you wear glasses or contacts?
contacts *Describe something beautiful to you. a waterfall
• Someone  you know who has beautiful eyes. My dog otherwise known by her as my daughter Tiny

 • First physical aspect you notice on the opposite sex. Be honest! Eyes and butt.
• If you could see anyone or anything right now who or what would it be?
My Son
• Do you like your nose?

• What does your hair smell like?flowers

• What's your favorite scent from everyday life? I love the smell after the rain and chocolate chip cookies

• If you use perfume or cologne, what kind? Whatever I grab out of my samples stash

• Who do you know that smells the best? My husband (but not his feet pu!)
• What kinda music do you like to listen to? I like all kinds of Music from Country to Christian to soft rock. no rap music please

• Name a song that's special at this moment in time. Heaven, My Imortal

• Are you a good singer? I Love to sing. I sing everyday and make tapes for my friends.   I even have my own CD on the jukebox at the restaurant I use to work at.

• Do you play an instrument? Yes, PIano, clairenet, violin and bag pipes 
• Which spoken language sounds the best?
I only understand English and a little Spanish and Itallian but I think Japenese sounds cool too.

Favorite everyday life sound? birds singings and the train whistle blowing

Least favorite everyday sound? blaring music when everyone is trying to talk over it

• Of the people you know, who has the best sounding voice? My son.

• Favorite food?Chinese
• Favorite drink?
, cappaccino, diet pepsi 

• Do you have a tongue or lip piercing? No 
• What are your thoughts on coffee?
LOVE it, WANT it, NEED it, GOTTA HAVE it! I am not into Plain coffe though. I like just about every speciality coffee,
• The worst taste you have ever encountered?
pecan shell, lobster and green beans

• Would you eat something disgusting for money? Yes

• Do you consider yourself touch sensitive?
• Do you like people touching you? Only if I want them too. I can't stand someone who can not talk without grabbing at you or slapping your arm

Are you ticklish? Where? Yes! everywhere!

• Which is better: a hug or a kiss? It depends on who is doing the hugging and kissing.

• Who was the last person you touched? My husband

Who do you wish you could reach out and touch right now?  My little sister but she is in Heaven• Favorite material to touch? fur

Written by aljes12 . (Link to this entry)

Okay goodnight I have to be at work at 5:45 in the morning and that means I have to drive those stupid carts and run into the wall again.... not looking forward to that again.........Check back with you guys tomorrow. Barbara


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lv2trnscrb said...

always love to read things like this to learn more about people. I loved your answer about coffee - I'm about the same way :)