Sunday, November 13, 2005

Vent,, a Must Read


Which Is More Important Here?

Okay... let me tell you about the customer from hell that I got yesterday....You might want to make sure you do not read this standing up....yeah it's that bad.

Okay first if you have high blood pressure take your pill first.

Okay we ready now?

The day was going great,   I had learned to just smile when the other cashiers were nosy and asking me how fast I was on my items per minute and everything was cool.  The customers were nice and even most of them were smiling.


Then    SHE came in...Her husband started onloading their two baskets and was piling items at least five high on the belt at my register....this is fine I am use to people buying alot at a time... Meanwhile she was sitting in one of those motorized carts telling him off.  When the belt started moving the items started shifting around a box of noodles that weighs less than 10 oz. fell off and hit her on the arm. 

This is when she turned her anger on me " Hey! Watch Out!  That just hit my arm!!!!"

Me, "Oh I'm sorry are you ok?"

Moron: "Well I guess..."

Anyway after her total was 256.00 and only half the way rung up she yells."Stop!!!What is my total?"  I told her that it was $256.98 and she said,.  "Well that will not work at all because I only have $177.00 on my food stamp account"

I said "Oh okay well do you want to take some of the items off?

She said, "What do you think?   I just told you I only had $177 on my account. *yelling*

I said, "Okay what would you like to take off?"  in my polite voice...

She said, " I don't know I have no idea what you have already rung up...!!!!

(hello what you brought up here to buy)

"And besides that there are things you haven't even rang up yet that I have to have."

I said okay, what is here that you still want? 

She said, "Everything!!"*yelling again

I said "Well, that's okay whatever it is over $177 on your food stamps you can just pay with cash if you like."

She said, "What are you talking about!!! I am not going to spend MY money on food!!!"

To make a long story short we finally whittled her purchase down to 179.00 and she was pissed that she had to pay $2 of it in cash.

Then we had to load up another basket wtih all her cast offs to be put back on the shelf.

As we were gathering the items she said, "Leave the beer I will be paying cash for that."

Her alcohol bill came to over $30 and she pulled a wad of money out of her pocket that was the size of a large grapefruit.  After peeling past 6 or 7  one hundred dollar bills she handed me a ten and a twenty.

She had the money for the food and she just wanted to use her money for the beer. 


Can you believe that? She held up my line for a good thirtyminutes deciding what food she could live without...had to have the candy, pickles, tbones. turkey, bread, chips, sodas etc.  

 And gave up the fruits, vegetables, baby food, milk, eggs and all the other healthy food.  

Not to mention the fact that she wasted everyones time in line behind her and put all the items in her basket and smashed alot of them.

If this woman ever comes in my line again I am going to ask to take a

But seriously, I will ask her how much she wants to spend and to put the things she wants most up front.


This made my items per minute that I had worked so hard for the previous 4 hours to build up to pullet back down....

And you thought your day was bad LOL. Barbara    

 .Still an angel because God saw me through!!!!


stansgirl2004 said...

LOL This made me laugh and remember when i was a cashier Oh the stories I could tell you. I'm surprised you kept your cool. I would have lost it LOL
Have a great Monday hugs, Marina

lv2trnscrb said...

Barbara; I'm so sorry for you and for her. Just think how much anger she has to have to treat others like that (or how much hurt she must have). You should be commended for how well you treated her with respect and with dignity although she didn't do the same to you. I hope your manager/supervisor realized what was happening and took note of your compassion.


trickeytricky said...

Oh my gosh... there are stupid people out there in the world. I find myself saying that a lot but this woman, come on! How ridiculous. I am sorry you had to deal with her... I would have probably said something nasty, so go you for keeping your head on right.

Man, good thing you told me to take my blood pressure pill for this read, I wouldn't have been prepared.

Amanda :)