Friday, November 4, 2005

My Answers As promised

I wish...

1. I wish I had a million  days of paid vacation.  Then I would...go on a trip, visit my son and do more volunteer work with children.

2.   I wish I had one  dollar for everytime I said okay because........I say that a lot!!! 

3.  I wish I could be like my Dad this person is special because.......he is the best person I have ever met. He is a true hero.

4.When I was small I wished to be a missionary on the flying trapeze in a circus so I and tell many people of Gods' love.

5.  I wish there was a law that said people could not be mean and rude this would be a great law because... I hate to see someone pick on someone else because of their looks or nationality.

6. I wish I could forget about  the  time I  pulled my cousins hair because she had cancer and was just growing in new hair. (I wasn't being mean, I was just kidding around with her, but her hair was so sensitive it came out in my hand.

7. I wish trees could sing  because......then when I sang outside I could have a back up band. lol

8.  I wish I could see   Italy is part of my heritage.

9.  I wish I could learn  how to play the guitar is lighter than the piano.

10.  I wish there really was   a way to meet all my Jland friends if there really was then we could have one heck of a party

Okay there you go...I only have one person who answered so far.  Give it a try... Barbara  


lv2trnscrb said...

Barbara, loved your answers....

Hope you do learn how to play the guitar some day! Do you play the piano now? I think it is somewhat easy to learn to play the guitar if you have piano experience.My husband plays the guitar very well; I'll have to ask him.


mastersblynn said...

I do play the piano, my son plays the guitar, piano and saxaphone.  Taught himself all three.  I have tried many times to learn to play the guitar,,, all I can manage so far is taps lol.
I guess I will stick to singing and piano.  I have a cd out if anyone is interested in hearing it email me and I will send you a tape or one of my cds.  No charge for my friends. Barbara

butterflies4me04 said...

I loved your answers!