Thursday, November 17, 2005



Here is the picture I promised in an earlier entry of Rick and Eric at Port Aransas at our honeymoon spot.  I was going to add more pictures but all I get is click click click,,, GRR

As for the photobucket I never got my email activation.  Hopefully I will soon, I am sure it would be so much easier being as I still have not figured out how I am doing this.

We ate this sting ray and it was gross.  I was in this picture too, but I am making such an ugly face I scared myself!!!! I am the blonde sitting on the chair in the background. LOL

That thing was discusting and all slimy.  It took Rick over 5 hours to catch it on his fishing pole from the side of the pier.  I was smart that morning and slept in and got up late and grabbed a good book and read all morning. 

This was the last year Eric went with us before his move to Austin and the life of a chef. 

They are both sore because they had just gotten tattoos which they still hide from my parents.  Eric got a black panther and Rick got an Eagle with my name on a ribbon.

Well I am going to save this before it dissappears, LOL . UNtil then....Barbara


curvyanglintexas said...

The pictures look great :)

Never ate stingray, however, shark is DE-LI-CIOUS! You definitely need to eat that if you've never tried it!

Yes, photobucket will be MUCH easier for you once you receive your email notification

It should be done instantly though Have you checked your spam folder? Good Ol' AOL you know LOL Argh!


lv2trnscrb said...

love the pictures, Barbara. Tattoos - oh, how fun. Matt wants one - but he has to wait until he's 18.

I use Photobucket. I don't remember having to get an email to activate it. I love their service; so simple.