Sunday, November 20, 2005

Our Wedding Kids

I finally figured out what to do, I just go to my paint program and paint the pictures in LOL Will write more later. Barbara


stansgirl2004 said...

What a pretty bride you are
Hugs, Marina
PS what did the flower girl say to you?

mtrib2 said...

Hi Barbara.   I taking a break from working outside on my cabin addition.  Digging dirt to make a sidewalk and rain barrier around the building.  I am taking it easy so as not to strain my already bad back.   You said you were from Carbondale and that your family lived and went to school here.  Do you know where the Crab Orchard Refuge area is with the Spillway on Crab Orchard Lake?   My home is out on the Spillway Road.   You said you have many paintings.   If you have a digital camera and can get them outside on a sunny day, that would be the best way to photograph them.   Flash indoors causes too much glare for me, especially for anything with a gloss to it.   I will drop in when I have more time to go through your journal.   I am disappointing people because I am  not on the computer much since I have been working with a carpenter on my home.   We have months of work to do and I am to sore to do much but lay down at the end of the day.   I work on it 7 days a week if I can.   Sometimes I am ready to just drop and have to take a break for a few days.    Nice knowing that you are from my area.   mark

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