Monday, November 28, 2005

Check Out All the Pictures

Get ready to read and I will tell you a couple of stories:

Picture #1

This is my son Eric being pulled in his wagon by the family dog.  They had so much fun that day and would probably still been playing that game if what happened after this picture was taken hadn't happened. What?

Yeah right after this picture the dog got spooked by a car that backfired and went full speed ahead with Eric attached straight under the trailer which was our first home.  At this young age, however Eric was smart and put his hand up and stopped himself from being hurt.

Picture #2

This is the picture Eric brought home from school as his school year picture.  I asked him why he didn't smile and he told me that he didn't even know they were taking his picture.  Lieing to the Momma...bad Eric

He also had a little girlfriend in Kindergarten named Cherish and he loved her so much and that was all he would talk about until the day he came home and told me that he had to break up with Cherish.  I asked him why and he told me that she always wanted to have sex in the hall at school.  I almost had a heart I asked him...Eric what do you mean?  And he said, you know Mom she always wants to hold my hand in the hall and playground....Dare I ask?  And Eric is that what sex is?

And he looked at me real serious and said , Of Course Mom.

Picture #3

These are slightly out of order LOL but this is Eric and my parents the day he graduated from Chef school.  This is right out his apartment.  He loves being a chef and we are so proud of our grown up son.

Picture #4

Bandit had puppys and this is Eric and one of them having a fun afternoon

Picture #5

Eric and his Dad on a lazy afternoon when his Dad got back from a fishing trip with his catch he was teasing Eric about letting it swim with him. He told Rick it was not a fishing pool.

Picture #6

This is Erics one year old birthday celebration.  We lived on a bowhunting ranch in Freer Texas call Escondido.  He stuck his face right into the cake, almost before I took the candle out.  He had been asking about it all day before this.

Picture #7

This is where I found Eric one day when he snuck outside.  Right in the middle of a giant puddle,  He looked so cute and caught that all I could do was laugh.  Thank goodness he had his playclothes on. 

Picture #8

This is the twin cousins, Emily and Eric.  They were born on the same day in the same hospital.  Emily is Ricks sisters daughter. The kids were born nine hours apart.  Emily was 3 weeks early and Eric was two weeks late.  We all rode in the same car to the hospital and Beverly and I were in the same labor room.  Emily was born at 4:08am and Eric was born at 1:08pm.  That was a busy day!!!

I took off work today because I am having another allergic reaction to something.  My face is all puffy and red. I am taking Benedral, but the pain won't go away.  If it's not one thing its one thing LOL Have a great night. I gotta go catch up with you guys. Barbara


aljes12 said...

OMG!! LOL! I'd die if Faith (my 4 year old) had said something like that ...even though it is innocent and cute...his sex story is funny in the fact that a kid that age even THINKS about sex at all. They learn earlier and earlier these days. I thought my parents would freak when I was a kid at what i knew but, it has nothing on the kids these days, LOL!!! You have a beautiful family as well. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with all of us. I have to say I love to share myself as you already have probably noticed. I really enjoy your journal a lot and LOVE your friendship you have given me. Take care.

- Jessica

aljes12 said...

That pool picture is soo cute lol! Yep, I am commenting as I go....Lol! I have more to say that way, LOL! I LOVE looking at pictures...
- Jessica

lvrs4evr28 said...

LMAO!!! that picture of eric with his first b-day cake is the best I have ever seen!! I love it!!!!

And that sex story is funny too!!! :)

great entry!!

Holly :)

lv2trnscrb said...

Oh these were so precious! Does Eric know you are posting pictures of his childhood? I just loved the Cherish story; how cute :)


springangel235 said...

I loved all the little grandson has a couple of girlfriends in Kindergarten, LOL.  So he says!  Hope you feel better real soon, hugs....Joyce

trickeytricky said...

Tooooo cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

Amanda :)

robinngabster said...

Love the pictures!!!!