Friday, November 18, 2005

Robins Five

1.  What is the one thing on your Thanksgiving table that you will NOT eat? Actually I love it all//oink oink 

2.  Did you ever play in a pile of leaves as a kid? Yes it was one of our favorite things to do until Dad came out and said/  "Alright now lets put those leafs in these trash bags.... not fun anymore :O     If so do you have a picture of you or someoneyou know playing in the fall leaves? Post it if you do! Remember me the one it takes an hour to figure out the picture thing???

 3. When you think of Fall what are the three things that come to mind?

Football, pecans and hunting

 4. When was the last time you had pumpkin pie? Was it last year or have you already had some this year? This year around April at my waitress job.

5. Tell us something really nice about the last person you read an email from.

Beverly my SIL was the last person I read email from she is the best and so good to her family.  She introduced me to Rick too!!

How;s that Robin?

Great Idea, Barbara

1 comment:

stansgirl2004 said...

someone  picking up where Patrick left off huh?
Great idea Hugs, Marina