Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Day Is Done

Can You Handle The Truth?

Second song hopefully just like the first...I got kicked out again :(   As I was saying Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen

Wait I don't think I have any guy readers here...if so I have not heard from any of them.  All are welcome, come on in a hear a story or two about my day.  Go and visit my map you can find directions to it on an earlier entry.My JLand MapIf you want to get to know me better go view my archives...

I have met many great people on here in the last month or so since I seriously started writing in my journal.There is Holly who lives at My World And Robin who lives at These are the Days of our Lives...   And Maria Heartfelt Expressions   And so many more.  Betty     is a great inspiration to me and I am in awe of Pamela. I have recently met Marina and Terra and Tricky and Theresa whom I would like to get to know better. Funny thing is , two of them live in Ohio Robin and I live in Texas. Oh and so does Maria Small world. We have so much in common and we have such a different age span.  The youngest is 19 I think and we are not going to talk about who the oldest is because we are all still teenagers in our hearts.   Tonight I want to ask some questions about your past. If I mentioned you above I am challenging you to answer this questions and to send them on to at least five people you journal with.  Who will complete this homework assignment?

  1. What size town did you go to High school in? 

  2.  What was your high school mascot?

  3. What group did you belong to in school...band, cheerleader. sports. nerds, loners. wanna bes?  

4.  Who was your favorite teacher in school and why?

  5. How old were you when you were first seriously kissed?  

6. What were your school colors?  

 7.  How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have in high school?

  8. What was your favorite subject?  

 <FONTFACE="COMIC size="4" MS? Sans>9. Did you ever skip class? Did you get caught?  

10.If you could tell kids in high school one thing you learned there what would it be?    Okay that is all for now...but I'll be back!!!!  

 Here are my answers: 1.   San Antonio, Texas. Pretty big I'd say   2. McCollum Cowboys   3. band and cheerleading   4. My second grade teacher Mrs. Clemmons she was so cool and gave us money for candy when we made a hundred on our spelling tests.  Thanks to her I have great spelling skills.  

5. 14 years old  I ran away from him because I thought he was gross ( I had never heard of french kissing and that is what happened to me) I called his sister to tell her about it and she laughed at me. I told you sheltered life lol   6. green and gold   7. about 12.  One really serious one, we were even engaged.  He broke my heart. :(   8. English and boys lol


10.  Spend time having fun with your friends, make good grades so you can go to a decent college and stay away from drugs....I never did drugs and never will but I have seen a lot of our kids here ruined by them.

  Okay your turn!!!! I will be checking back tomorrow and see who was first!!! Sweet Dreams, Barbara    Funny thing is ...I have an actual picture of me asleep at my desk during a class in school, LOL


curvyanglintexas said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me! I am flattered :) I will be posting my answers shortly and I loved the animation used next to my name! LOL


lv2trnscrb said...

Oh; what a cute idea - and thanks for  mentioning me that I'm an inspiration to you :)

Loved your answers; I'll come back and answer these when I hae some more time.


lv2trnscrb said...

Okay; I'm back with my answers:

1.  About 50,000 people - we had two high schools in the town; my graduating class was 700+

2.  Scotty dog because we were the Helix Highlanders

3. Student government in my senior year; otherwise not many other clubs

4.  Mrs. Raines; business teacher - she saw my potential to be a good secretary

5.  21 - my hubby to be

6.  Green and gold

7. None; I didn't really date much - I saw friends who had boyfriends and they were "miserable" because they couldn't go out and have "fun"

8.  Business - typing; shorthand

10.  That high school is an important part of your life, but its only four years of your life. So many kids think after high school that is the end of it for them so they have to get all their glory and fun there.


stansgirl2004 said...

I can't answear these Barbara
I dropped out of High School in the 10th grade and ran off with my musician b/f
I went back later and got a GED LOL. I did add myself and my picture to your map though. Hugs, Marina

lvrs4evr28 said...

HHHmmm... I went to 7 schools before I graduated.  I would have A LOT of answers to those questions...lol!!!

LOL, I love your graphics!!!


butterflies4me04 said...

Sorry I never came back last night and left my link .... I was on the phone with my friend trying to find x-mas presents for her kids ... the mission almost seemed impossible ... but it was completed! :)

Here's my link!


mastersblynn said...

Wow!!! This question thing is really going around.  I Love it.  I like going back and seeing where we all come from.  Keep it going . Barbara