Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Once More With Feeling

Okay, let's try this again. 

I met Robin and talked to her last night and found out that we are so close we could reach out our front doors and spit on each other, but Robin spits like a girl lol.

Any way we had a nice chat.  Today is her daughters birthday be sure and go by and say a big Happy Birthday to a wonderful big ole 10 year old.These are the Days of our Lives...

Today was a busy one.  I didn't get off until 6:30.  An hour and a half later than scheduled, it's okay I will take the extra hours and smile all the way to the bank.

They are still working with the new ones on increasing our time speed.  I went up a whole two points today.  I am off tomorrow. Thank God.

I am putting a picture of me on this entry.  NO laughing and of course in person I look thinner and younger.  Cameras are not kind to me.

This picture was taken last summer when we went on our 24th honeymoon.  We go back every year.  It is a place called A Laughing Horse Lodge in Port Aransas, Texas.

I am also putting a picture of my husband and son after their big catch of a sting ray. Fun to catch but gross to eat.

Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. That is us.

Tomorrow I plan to do nothing.  After I wash the dishes, do the laundry, pay the bills and go grocery shopping...oh wait that will probably take all day.  Maybe I won't.

We can eat off paper plates, wear clothes that were put away, pray the electricity doesn't get cut off and.....nope gotta go shopping.  Never mind..............

They have increased my hours again for next week, so I guess I must be doing okay.

Today alot of people came in from the restaurant and were surprised to see me working there.  They said the service has really gone down hill since I left.

I am glad I left, I needed a change.  The only bad thing is that since I was there for so long I had a regular schedule and could go and visit my son.  I am afraid it will be awhile before I can go again.

 Okay someone needs to tell me how to scan in pictures, when I figure it out I will send the one with the sting ray. :)

That's all for today folks I will write more tomorrow.

This little girl is tired. Barbara

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great pictures!