Monday, November 7, 2005

Jessicas Survey

1)What is your name? (what you go by on here or who you are known as)

Barbara aka waitress angel and also Aunt Barbie

2)Where are you from?



3)When did you make your (first) journal, here in J-land?

February 25, 2004

4)What was/is the name of your journal? (Meaning your fist journal ever on here) Confessions Of An Angel Waitress

5)What meaning does the title of it have?

When I started it I was a waitress, now I am a cashier but still considered a waitress.  Confessions of a cashier waitress just don't sound right.

6)What types of things do you share in your journal?

My day to day life, poems I write, and stories about my jobs and family 

7)What do you appreciate most about your readers?

Return readers, comments and advice

8)When you are journal browsing what is it that get's your attention about another's journal?

pictures, cool graphics and easy to read entrys

9)What journal gives you the best laugh?

These are Jessicas

The Hadonfield Myers Experience

I'm Losing it

Mine are These Are The  Days Of Our Lives by Robin

My World by Holly

10)What journal inspires you the most, get's you THINKING about things?

One Girls Head Noise is mine, I love Pamela she is so courageous.  Here's Jessicas:

Probably Charley's


and Rebecca's

In The Shadow Of The Iris

and Maria's mine too

Heartfelt Expressions

11)What journal is most eye appealing to you? (colors, graphics, pics, and set up)

My World and These Are The Days Of OUr Lives great pictures here are Jessicas 

Marina's (I'm Losing it) has a lot of graphics and eye candy appeal to it, and Angel's

Angels IrresistiBowe Creations

and I can't forget the graphic queen, Brittany (orangekiss3)

Honest Thoughts (private)

12)What J-landers have you connected to as friends as well as readers? Any J-Land shout outs you'd like to share?

Hi Robin, Hi Holly, HI Pamela, Hi Theresa, Hi Betty, Hi Maria, HI Jamie, Hi Jessica

13)What kinda things would you like to see in the J-land community as far as writing styles, subjects, and or topics?

anything and everything

14)What would you like AOL to do to improve it's journals?


15)Top 5 journals you visit (links included so we can visit them as well if public): Jessicas:     

1-  Heartfelt Expressions    Maria mine too

2-   I'm Losing it   Marina

3- Honest Thoughts (private)  Brittany  

4- The Hadonfield Myers Experience   Hadonfield  

5- My thoughts in my world   Heather

Ones listed above...sorry about not leaving actual links this is my fourth time with this survey because of trying to put in links lol 

16)What do you like about keeping a journal?  

It helps me think out my thoughts and helps me to share my insights and feelings

Person you got this Survey from thier journal name & link if available):Jessica via Maria

* DO NOT DELETE others links just add yours to the bottom of the list*

Jessica's thoughts & feelings  My main Journal

Inspirational thoughts  My journaler's journal (which BTW I am having a hard time getting people to PARTICIPATE in! Ugh!)

Confessions Of An Angel Waitress

I did it!!!!Yeah


aljes12 said...

And I thank you!!! Great answers and I think I have a new journal to visit! I have added you to my alerts hun!! Thanks again so much for playing along!

- Jessica

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lv2trnscrb said...

good for you! I have to do this some time


lvrs4evr28 said...

Hey, thanks for the mentions Barbara!! I got your IM, sorry, I was busy cleaning house....(still not done, sshhh..dont tell, lol!)

I didn't get a coupon email though....did you already send it??  hhmmm....

I added your journal to my other journals!!!! sorry I am so far behind.  2 days of work and a full day of being sick....I'm catching up housework today! I'll catch up soon!

take care!