Sunday, November 6, 2005

Patricks Seven

Send me back to kindergarden it was so much easier there!!!

Okay so I can not count...first I put turkey twice and then after all was said and done I had listed 10 things on the 7 page.......really I am okay.

So I might as well tell you here are my ten food items I can not live without...only I am going to add more...hahahah.


2.  mashed potatoes with giblet gravy

3. My big sisters' homemade bread basket with homemade rolls.  you even eat the basket!!!

4. My homemade fruit salad

5. Moms perfect stuffing

6. Eric's surprise creation ( he keeps it a secret until Thanksgiving)

7.  brocolli cheese rice cassorole

8. green bean casserole

9. cranberry sauce

10. pumpkin pie, apple pie, cherry pie and pecan pie

11. Thick chewy brownies.

Ah heck now I am starving and have to go grab a brownie and a big glass of milk.

But at work was okay. Still being pressured to speed up...but a customer told me I was doing great and she didn't see the need to go throwing her groceries across the scanner when a key checker came over to me to show me how fast she can go....who cares?  I am trying to make the customers happy HELLO!!!!  The key checker who came over to me and started showing me how to ring up faster ended up breaking open a bag of rice from going too fast and it flew all over the place and she had to go and replace it.  I had to hold my breath to keep from laughing out loud.  The customer said...when key checker left to do this... see that is why you need to take your time, you are doing just fine and don't let them give you a hard time about your speed.  I can see that you really care and all she wants is to rush people in and out like cows.....One for Barbara.........Key Checker  0        LMBO!!! laughing my behind off...( i wish)


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lv2trnscrb said...

I know; it wasn't fair for Patrick to just limit it to seven items......

glad your way of treating the customers is being affirmed by comments from the people you are paid to help (make sense)