Monday, November 7, 2005

Margarets HOmework can you help?

A dear friend of mine has a homework assignment.  Maybe some of you can answer these questions for her paper:


In a message dated 11/7/2005 10:31:11 A.M. Central Standard Time, Coorsredhead38 writes:
How old were you when the vietnam war began? I was 3
where did you live at that time? San Antonio, TEXAS
did you have family that had to go over and fight the war? No what was it like with all the protest going on around you?
I just remember all the college kids protesting and people moving to Canada so they wouldn't have to be drafted
how did the media effect everything?
it wasn't like it is today with our current war I don't think there was much coverage, course I was pretty young and not into the news.
did you ever get to go stand in the protest lines or know someone that did? no in your own words how did the vietnam war effect your life back then?  
I just remember being afraid for the young men who would have to leave their families to go and fight in the war and maybe die for their country.  I remember being angry that we were getting involved in it because it wasn't even our war.  I didn't understand why we had to send our boys over there to die. Does this help? Barbara These were my answers what are yours?


butterflies4me04 said...

I was not even born at this time ... so I can't answer!


stansgirl2004 said...

Sorry hun I wasn't born yet. Hey thanks for visiting my journal and please stop by again you are on my alerts now too. Hugs, Marina

lv2trnscrb said...

Here's mine:

1. I don't remember when it began, but I was born in 1957 so she can do the math...(isn't that terrible, I can't remember this)_

2.  San Diego, California

3.  No; but my husband's father was in the war; I was kind of young to do protesting, but I remember Kent State had a big impact on me in 1971

4.  I think they reported the news more fairly than they do now; I just remember hearing how many people were killed that day on the news

5.  didn't protest; too young

I do remember having a family from our church have a son that was a MIA and the effect it had on our church community and the family - I don't think they ever found him


coorsredhead38 said...

Thank You so much for your replies I really hate this subject because my Mom's cousin was in Vietnam and went through alot of the after effects.  Anyway thank you thank you thank you and especially to Betty cuz I used your answers as well

God Bless