Monday, December 12, 2005

Another Entry? Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs It's funny how sometimes we confuse lyrics to songs we sing When my neice was little she was confused on the song Silent Night. 

 This was here favorite Christmas song and she sang it at the top of her lungs.

 Silent Night Holy Night

 All is Calm All is Bright 

                  How it really goes:

 Round young virgit         (Round Yon Virgin)

 Lover and child                 (Mother and Child)

Holy infant

So tender and smiles     (So tender and mild)

Sleep in Heaven and Pee  (Sleep in Heavenly Peace) Sleep in Heaven and Pee.

Then one day she asked me why they would pee when they went to sleep and I patiently taught her the real version of the song. She looked at me with such relief and said

<"Thank goodness I thought they were too poor to buy diapers.  

Story two: As a childrens choir director I asked my choir of 35  children ages rangeing from 3 yrs old to 6th grade what Christmas songs they would like to sing at choir practice.

One little boy raised his hand and said he wanted to sing the oneabout  when there wasn't any whales. Puzzled I asked him to sing a little for me The first no whales the angels did say.

Anyone else have any funny stories to tell about this? Barbara    


stansgirl2004 said...

LOL That was so cute.
I can't think of a funny but when i do i'll let you know
HUgs, Marina

lv2trnscrb said...

that is cute -

I think I heard or read someone thinking there really was an angel named Harold - Hark the Harold Angel sing.....


robinngabster said...

silly girl!

trickeytricky said...

I wish I had something funny up my sleeve, but I don't.

Very cute entry though.

Amanda :)

jckfrstross said...

lol leave it to the kids:)


his1desire said...

hehe  cute !!!


funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Barbara
Excellent journal entry - made me smile :o)