Friday, December 16, 2005

Where Have you Been Barbara?

I have been a busy girl!!!! Yesterday my friend Tomi woke me up and we went to town to go shopping.  We had actually arranged to do this the day before, but when I told her to be at my house by nine I thought she would actually get here around 11.

At nine I was still snoring when she came tapping at my window.  Now normally as you all know I am usually up around 7 on my computer talking to you guys.  I must have needed extra sleep.

I got up and drank my coffee while she laughed at me for not being ready yet.  I was glad to see she was taking it so well.

After freezing my eyes off putting my contacts in with ice water, and drinking my one cup of coffee (usually have at least three) we were on our way.

We went first to this new HEB plus store in San Antonio.  I found a lot of cool presents for Eric and Rick.  I found a few things for other family as well.

Next we went to eat. We ate chinese...Yum!

Next we went to the mall and I lugged around Rick's heavy present through the whole mall.  My arm still aches!!!

We got home around 6

This morning I had to be at work by 7am.  I made it to work and had a great day.  I wasn't even tired like I thought I would be.  The manager asked me to work a double shift and I had to say no.  I had to finish my Christmas shopping.  I went to two stores after work and now I am almost done!!!!

I am going to try and wrap presents tonight....this will take hours....Rick is home for the weekend so I am going to see if I can get him to get the tree out of the shop.  Otherwise I have threatened to decorate the hat stand.

I am fighting off a slight cold but otherwise doing fine.  It is cold here. 45 degrees!!!! They say it might snow..... wish me luck!!!

That's all for now.

Or should I say it's a wrap!!!! Barbara


blondepennierae said...

You sound busy, but full of the Christmas spirit.  Have fun!  Pennie

aljes12 said...

Sounds like you did some serious shopping! Lol! hope your arm is coming back from carrying all those bags, Lol! And CHINESE FOOD!? Yum! I am jealous! I LOVE chinese....hope you can get the best from the cold that is trying to attack you and hope you can decorate a tree and not a hat stand! LMAO!!
- Jessica

sunalott said...

I'm Carolling through J-Land!
My Carol is "O Christmas Tree"

lv2trnscrb said...

Barbara, sounds like a fun day. Take a lot of extra vitamin C if you think you are getting sick.

Have fun wrapping :)