Thursday, December 29, 2005


Look everyone!!!! I am in shock...Daisy Duke aka Amanda our girl picked me as one of her favorites. Can someone pass me a tissue?  I think I am going to cry.  Here's what she said:(and what I think about it)

Barbara, the friend Phobee of J land, over at “Confessions of An Angel Waitress.” She is a little out there at times… (um what?)but hey… there is nothing wrong with that… because I am a little out there at times too.(a little Amanda?) She just loves life.  You can tell by her style that she loves to laugh and enjoys making new friends. (I do!) You never know what is going on over there it is a potpourri of entries.(that's for sure...sometimes I'm not even sure what's going on LOL) So all I can say is stop by and just find out for yourself what is going on over there.

That is me!!!! Amanda is our guest editor for this week and she picked little ole me. She is hilarious and I have come to love hearing about her and her life.  She always makes me feel better when I whine and has a very interesting journal.  Very intelligent for her young age. I invite all of you to read through past entrys I have written in my journal.  Hopefully it will read like a good movie.. Sometimes you will laugh, sometimes you might cry but in the end I will try to make it mostly happy endings. Enjoy! Hugs, Barbara Get it I am tickled pink!!! Haha


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aljes12 said...

AND.................You have your new CAMERA to show us even more of your world through your eye's! I just read Amanda's entry myself. I have her on alerts as well and yes SHE is a bit quirky herself remember all those SHOE entries!? LMAO!! Congrats Barbra!! XOXO!

- Jessica

aljes12 said...

Oops typo...Barbara...XXOO!
- Jessica

stansgirl2004 said...

How cool!
What is the link to Amanda's journal
I'd like to check her out
Hugs, Marina

mtrib2 said...

Congrats on being picked.   More photos!      mark

queenb8261 said...

WTG sistah-friend!  That Daisy Duke has some good Journal taste! Congrats!

fasttrack58 said...

I saw that...Congratulations!!!
Linda :)

robinngabster said...

Awww congrats!!!!  So glad to see you in the spotlight!