Friday, December 2, 2005

When I Say...You think...

<ol><li>Stuffed:: animal

<li>Armstrong:: muscle
<li>Bruise:: fight
<li>Content:: book
<li>Musical:: instrument
<li>Assistance::  help
<li>Scrambling:: eggs
<li>Battle:: war
<li>Extended:: loan
<li>Discount:: dollar store

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Here are some I added


Christmas:not ready

Time: too fast

Work: again?

Peace: Jesus

Charm: bracelet

Smart: alleck

Success: money

Joy: happiness

Honor: parents

Respect: veterans

Okay your turn. I especially want to hear from Robin, Holly, Betty, Marina, Marie, Penny, Linda, Theresa, Amy, Jessica, Barbara, Christina, Chris, Annie, Mark and the rest of you reading this journal. You have all been tagged.  When I get home from work this afternoon I will see how many of you came by.  Have a great day, Barbara


lv2trnscrb said...

stuffed: turkey
Armstrong: jerk
bruise: pain
content: prayer
musical: singing
assistance: help
scrambling: eggs
battle: ship
extended: outgoing
discount: sale

love: Jesus
Christmas: Jesus
time: not enough off
Work: okay
Peace: Jesus
charm: bracelent
smart: Intelligent
success: happiness
joy: peace
respect: earned

okay; I did mine :)


kiplingcrissy said...

Stuffed  animal
armstrong neil
bruise ouch
content book
musical Kasidee
assistance help
scrambling signal
battle zone
extended bill payment
discount  sale

love kids
christmas love
time what time
work  NOOOO
peace on earth
smart ***
success happiness
joy life
respect everyone