Tuesday, December 6, 2005

What Now?

Okay so the nose is getting better....Yeah and Thank God.

Now about 8 tonight I get this terrible chest pain and like I am alone for the next 5 days as husband is working out of town, and I think oh my gosh am I having a heart attack?  No it is just heart burn.  darn tuna fish...maybe this is what I am allergic to because shortly after I got this pain to go away out came the hives in full force.  My legs, my stomach, my arms and my back all huge welts.  It itches like mad...so I took some Benedryl and it is still not going away.  The heartburn is gone for now, I hope it doesn't come back. 

So I have taken my antibotic and benedryl and now I am going to go to bed and hope I am not awake all night with hives and heartburn.


Oh and to add to the misery, when my son called me tonight he told me that some jerk with no insurance hit his car.  So now I get to worry about that too.  Could this all be related to stress?

Thank you Lord that Eric wasn't hurt and that the car only recieved a dent.  It is so hard being away from him and then when something like this happens it just drives me crazy.

I think I will call it a day.  Say Goodnight Gracie...Barbara

I just reread this and I think I am starting to sound like an old person LOL


aljes12 said...

Are you sure you didn't have a panic/anxiety attack? That is what it sounded like to me. Maybe stress and hubby not being around provoked it. You get those types of symptoms with one. I have had a couple and my worst one made me feel like I was having a heart attack, I FREAKED! Hang in there...hope you are okay and maybe you should check out things more to be sure with the tuna and the possability of it being an attack.

- Jessica

robinngabster said...

I don't like tuna....ick!   My vote is to stop eating it!!  Hope you wake up all better too!

lv2trnscrb said...

let your doctor know about the allergic reaction you had, Barbara. Who knows, they might want to do some allergy testing down the road. It sounded like a panic attack but then the hives made me think allergies.

Sorry about Eric's car accident; isn't that the way it always goes?

Hope today is better for you.


terra19728 said...

Maybe you should see a doctor.  

Good thing Eric is ok!


trickeytricky said...

You just can't win can you... :)


P.S. -> you sound like an old women?? I go to bed by 10... HAHA!!

blondepennierae said...

Is that what an old person sounds like .... hivey, itchy, and a grand case of heartburn to boot.  Good grief save me from old age!  LOL  I hope the hives recede.  They can be so damn miserable.  Pennie

jckfrstross said...

I bet its the tuna fish try not eating it and see what happens


mtrib2 said...

Thank goodness your son was not injured.   He may want to hire a lawyer to force the uninsured driver to pay.   Even without a lawyer he should be able to have some legal recourse.   Prayers that you are feeling better and not to let the stress get to you.   I don't have an allergy to Tuna, so it is a low cost meal for me.   Is that the first time Tuna had the reaction?     Have a good Christmas Season and a good New Year as well.   Oh ya, thanx for the compliment on my artwork Barbara        mark