Monday, December 26, 2005

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas? Yeah Right!!!

Don't get me wrong....most of it was great.

On Christmas Eve Rick and I went to my parents house to spend some time with them and my sister and her husband and kids and my brother in law, his new wife and their kids.

We arrived first, not normal we are usually the last to arrive.  As I was going to the car to get our gifts for the family I slipped on some leaves piled in the yard, twisted my foot and fell flat on my face.

It hurt so bad, but I played it off.  As the night wore on my foot became sorer and sorer. 

We ate dinner and I had a nice time talking to my little sisters new husbands wife.  My sister is in Heaven now and her husband has remarried.  She is very sweet and a part of our family.

After the children read the Christmas story, we all drank a toast of eggnog (non alcoholic of course) to our great grandfather Harry Valentine Cullum.  Then the presents were passed around and everyone got great gifts.  My Dad loved the hook rug of a light house I made for him and the can of pecans and the tape I made of me singing. 

 Mom loved the shirts I got for her.

  My big sister loved the dragonfly pin and leather/fur pillow I gave her. 

 My little nephew informed me that I gave him a movie he already had but said it was okay at least I tried LOL

I got alot of cool gifts as well. A ring that you can change the stone in. A nice sweater, some of my little sisters jewlery, and lots of other great gifts.

As we were leaving my foot was throbing.  We were going to head to Austin from my parents, but when we got into the car Rick realized in the rush to get the presents together he had forgotten to grab his suitcase.  We had to go back an extra 30 minutes both ways to pick it up. 

When we got to Austin I found that I could not even walk at all on my foot.  Now understand that my son lives on the second floor and we had parked in the second parking lot quite a way from his apartment.  I could not stand on my foot at all. 

Eric and Rick took up all the gifts and I stood like an idiot by the car trying to will my foot to work.

Eric came back and let me use him as a crutch and somehow I made it to his apartment.

Since I could not walk anywhere I spent all day crawling around on the floor like a puppy dog.  As a matter of fact my little dog thought I was down there so that I could play with her and kept attacking me.

The next day Rick and Eric went out when the stores opened and got me a cane.  This worked out fine. No more crawling around.

Today my foot was still swollen but I managed to get around with my cane.  We went to Erics restaurant club house and rode around in the golf carts on the course.  It was a pretty day.

I got my digital camera I wanted. Now could someone please tell me how to hook it to my computer?    It is a Sony.

Do I have to do something with a memory stick?  If so where in the heck is it?

Tomorrow I go into work at 7:45 am and I am going to have to take my cane with me.  Maybe they will send me home early.  This should be fun.

I had a Merry Christmas anyway but I am glad it is over except for the part where I got to spend time with my family and my son.

Calling it a night.... Barbara


blondepennierae said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your foot.  It sounds as if you sprained some muscles. That really hurts.  It sounds as if you had a nice time ins spite of the damage done to your foot.  Take care!  Pennie

queenb8261 said...

Hey sis-somethin else we have in common.  I'm a klutz too. LOL J/K you know I am.  No...really I have crutches you can borrow.  I have to use them quite often with my feet problems.  I have two pair. I can send U one!! :)  I'm really sorry U hurt your foot.  You probably shouldn't be going to work.  Glad you had a nice Christmas.  Ours was less than exciting.  LOL But it was blessed.  Talk soon. Love ya!

aljes12 said...

I have a sony digital too....they are very easy to use. I may be able to guide you with getting your pictures from your camera to your computer. In most cases you don't need to do anything but hook the USB cord into your camera and computer. It should work without having to install any software. Email me if you need any more help. I hope your foot is feeling better. I'd just try to stay off it as much as possable and keep it elevated when possable and give it a nice soak at night until it is feeling better. Sounds like a nice sprain. Take care hun.

- Jessica

trickeytricky said...

Sorry to hear your Christmas wasn't to "fun." There is always next year. :-)


rjet33 said...

Oh Barbara!  So sorry you hurt your foot.  If it keeps swelling, you really should have it checked out.  You could have torn come ligaments or worse!  Let us hope not.  Did you put some ice on it?  I love nonalcoholic eggnog too.  About the digital camera, I have a Kodak EasyShare, so I would not know about a Sony, but mine has a cable that goes from the camera to the computer that allows me to upload my photos.  Don't know if that helps any or not. :)  Hope your foot is feeling better and heals quickly.

Happy New Year!~

stansgirl2004 said...

Ouch that sounds painful. You should have put ice on it
I hope it's better now. As fo the camera there should be
a wire to hook your camera to the computer. Isn't there?
Hugs, Marina

fasttrack58 said...

Glad you had a nice christmas but sorry you hurt yourself... Hope you are feeling better!
Linda :)