Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What You Have All Been Waiting For

Okay watch out Barbara has a camera and knows how to use it!

I went to work today and worked on one foot.  I thought they would send me home early...but no/ a lot of customers were nice to me and concerned about me working with a sore foot.

I wish they would have been my boss today/  Oh well I made it through my short four hour day and came home and caught up on my journals.  I am off tomorrow so I will sit on my behind all day with my foot up.

Rick is out of town again this week.  So I have to be careful and not fall down.  I could be sitting there a week. LOL

Don't worry about me, if it seems worse tomorrow I will go to the doctor.

How do you like my pictures?

 There was one of me too, but i won't torture yall that way.

I will put in some more pictures tomorrow of some of the things that I have been wanting to show to you guys.

I can see from reading around that you all had a great Christmas.  I was so happy to hear this.

I will be back later tonight and will post a longer entry tomorrow. Glad to be home but not away from Eric.....Barbara  


jckfrstross said...

hope your foot gets better soon


aljes12 said...

Great pics! You know Barbara, eventually your gonna HAVE to share a picture of yourself and "torture" us, as you say. It is just part of the code...LOL!!! I am sure it is not torturing, look at your son, a product of you. He is a nice looking young man. Stop being so hard on yourself. Besides in the last 2 1/2 month's I have put 10 lbs on and I am still sharing pics.......blah!! LOL!

- Jessica

mtrib2 said...

Hoping y0ur foot gets better.  Pain is no fun.   Enjoyed the photos.   mark

randlprysock said...

Great pictures!!  You have a wonderful journal here and I really enjoyed my visit.  I marked it to get your alerts and will definitely stop by again.  Thanks for stopping by my journal too.  Sounds like you are like me with the camera.  I love to take pictures too!  Hugs and Merry Christmas!!

rjet33 said...

Now ummmmmm....... Lisa Jo requested I put more photos of my ugly mug in my journal, which I did, so I am requesting the same of you!  Put that photo in, sista!!!!!!!  Loved the photos.  My son would love Eric's Japenese weapon collection.  My son hopes to live in Japan one day.  His field could very well take him there, who knows?

Happy New Year!~

stansgirl2004 said...

Hey chicken i WANNA SEE A PIC OF U. Now post it LOL
Loved the pictures Eric looks to young to be on his own
what a cute baby you have. Have a great looking fwd to
more pics love, Marina