Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Answers to Christinas Questions

Questions from Christina http://journals.aol.com/kiplingcrissy/singlemomsjourney/entries/737

Do you like your name?  I use to hate my name until my Mom told me where it came from. Barbara Lynn

How did you get your name? My name came from good friends of my Mom and Dads.  Barbara was my moms maid of honor and Lynn was the best man...how cool is that?

 Are you an animal lover?I love all animals.  My favorite on to look at is a leopard.  I have spots everywhere on my purse, pillows etc. I have painted quite a few too.  I love my dog Tiny, although technically she is part human.  I love cats, but hubby hates them. I love exotic pets such as iguan and rattlesnakes too.

Do you agree with hunting? Yes, if we didn't have hunting there wouldn't be enough food for them to eat.  I am way against poaching though. I feel like if you aren't going to eat it, don't kill it..

What is your current and all time favorite movies? Sound of Music, Grease 1 and 2 and Smoky and The Bandit I also like that movie with Sean Penn in it as a mentally challenged father...I am Sam

What is your current and all time favorite songs?God Bless The Broken Road and Born to Fly. I have many others too many to name.

 What is your house smell? What do people smell when they come in?Mostly my house smells like vanilla and cinnamon. I love these scents. So homey

Who is your inspiration?My parents...whenever I have a decision to make I always think what would they do.  Since they are both strong Christian people I can't go wrong with this as a yardstick for measurement in any situation.  My parents are the definition of AWESOME

What is your fondest memory of childhood?The day my Mom came home from the hospital with my new baby sister Christi.  She was just like my own little doll.  I would spend hours just watching her. All throughout the years of making up games to play and just enjoying being together.

What is your fondest memory of being teenager? My church camp trips especially when we went to Gloretta for a week long camp.  I always looked so forward to these times of meeting new friends and learning of Gods love.


!Where do you want to be in ten years?In ten years I hope to be doing what I am doing right now.  I am not going to look that far ahead. Live for the moment...who knows I could be in Heaven by then. 

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lv2trnscrb said...

I liked how you got your name! Original idea your parents had to name you after their close friends.