Thursday, December 8, 2005

Robin 5'er


Robin 5'er


1.  Did you ever wear jingle bells on your shoes when you were a kid? 

What are you talking about when I was a kid!!!I still do this at Christmas time!!!! All of my friends in school use to wear them to drive the teachers crazy.  I love jingle bells.  I think it should be a law.

2.  Thinking about tv you have a favorite jingle?  Something that when you see it sticks in your head all day?

I am stuck on Bandaids cuz bandaids stuck on me.

I hate when I get Henry the 8th or This is the song that doesn't end going on in my brain.


3.  Gotta little change in your pocket going jingle, jingle, jing?   I always carry around 3 dollars in change just in case I or anyone else needs some money.  My papa always told us to keep enough in our pocket to call home. Do you carry change in your pocket?  so yeah. Do you toss it in a can when you get home for a rainy day? When I was a waitress I saved all my change for a cruise...kinda spent that now that I am not getting daily tips....guess I will have to skip the cruise for a couple of years. Have you dropped any in the Salvation Army bucket yet this year? I always give whatever I have in my pocket when I go by these hard working people because I know it goes to help families in need.(sorry papa)

4.  When you sing Jingle Bells do you sing the nice version or the one where Batman smells and Robin laid an egg?  Hey...for the record I DO NOT Lay eggs.

I wouldn't dream of singing it the wrong childish....

5.  Take a picture of something jingly...and old lady boobs don't count. Could be a bell...a wind creative. Post it when you are done. If you don't have the ability to take a pic, tell us about something jingly in your home.

I love wind chimes and have them all over the house, inside and out.  Sorry no pictures...(anyone wanting to donate a digital camera to a poor little angel?  hint hint)

 This was from Robin but I thought it was so cute I kept it for my entry too.:) Thanks Robin


. Link to this entry so that you can play too!!! Hugs, Barbara


robinngabster said...

Now...I am stuck on bandaid too!  I just asked Michael if he could think of a jingle and he smiles and says "This bud's for you."   I told him that wasn't a very good one and started singing it is playing in his head this very minute!!

Thanks for playing!!  Good answers! Hope Santa brings you that camera!


fisherkristina said...

I used to wear jingle bells on my shoes too. :)  Drove the teachers nuts.  Maybe I will go out and get some this year.  Sounds like fun!


lvrs4evr28 said...

I'm henry the 8th I am-----henry the 8th I am I am!!


now its stuck in my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


take care,

trickeytricky said...

My bologna has a first name... it's O-S-C-A-R...

Ha... thanks for making me think of that. tehehe.

Amanda :)