Friday, December 16, 2005

Robins 5'r You'll Love This ONe

1.  Do you ever go to someone's journal and just think to yourself, "Oh they go again...get over it already!"  And do you think your answer is naughty or nice?  I have done this a few times but then if I think they are boring I won't put them on my alerts list.  Everyone who I currently write to and recieve comments from are very nice and interesting people.  If I don't like what someone has to say on their journal I figure it is their space to write their opinion and respect their right to write about what they wish.  Does this make sense? 

2.  I kinda think naughty can be fun and nice can get boring. Tell us something you have done lately that was naughty.

I haven't actually done it yet but I'm fixin to.  I have asked my husband at least 10 times to bring in the Christmas tree so I can decorate and here it is a week away from Christmas and still no tree.  Therefore I am going to take all the hats and coats off his hat rack and wrap it in toilet paper to look like a snowman and string lights around and around and put garland around the toiletmans neck and put his Stetson on top instead of my angel.....or maybe I will put the angel. What do you think?

 3.  Have you ever used the "If you are naughty Santa won't bring you any presents" line on your kids?  And if they remained naughty did you ever withold their presents? I have never said this to my child!!! What are ya'll a bunch of child abusers or what?  Who could be so cruel....what's that? You are going to call my son and ask him????? Oh...well maybe I said it once twice? 

4.  If you were at the work Christmas party and your "naughty" boss gave you a squeeze on your back side would you tell anyone? I would make a big announcement about it, like oh my gosh...did you just pinch me? Did anyone see that?  Well I guess we know whose getting a raise this year!!!! 

5.  Tell us about an unexpected nice thing someone has done for you this December...or something nice you have done for something else that wasn't expecting it.

 I prefer to keep what I have done for someone as a random act of kindness. Hopefully I bless people daily by my actions and words.  I can't say who, but someone unexpectly gave me a very nice surprise this year. It really boosted my Christmas spirit. You know who you are and I would just like to say I love you and Thank you.


  Merry Christmas to you all! Have a safe and happy new year!!!

Now hurry up and go and answer these questions I am dying to know what nice and naughty things you did!!!



lv2trnscrb said...

Oh Barbara, you are so naughty with #2! Sounds fun :)


queenb8261 said...

Those are great answers.  I love number 2.  

fasttrack58 said...

Here's mine and I want to hear more about the hat rack... lol
Linda :)

sassydee50 said...

Hi Barbara~Merry Christmas! TY for visiting my journal. :-) I loved these answers; esp. #2!!!! Do it!!! Too bad I don't have time to do this survey right now--but one thing I can promise you--I am alwasys SASSY! :-)))) Blessings, Deb PS. Here's all my journal links; I am only slightly addicted...heehee