Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Would You Miss Me?


Today as I was paying my phone bill I noticed a charge from Ingretel for 15.40.  What the heck is that?  I called them and they were great about taking it off my bill.  But of course the person I reported this to tried to sign me up for an Internet service that would cancel my AOL account and start up my connection with them.

I said, wait a minute....what about all the new friends I have made at AOL journals?                     Would I still be able to communicate with them?  She said, do you know these people?  I said, well I have not met any of them in person, but I feel like I do know them and that I have shared enough to where they know me too.

She said well couldn't you just write to them, I thought....clue less......

She was pretty good at pressuring me to change but I thought about how great all of you have been to me and how much I would miss you guys....so I said no thank you.

My nose seems to be getting better today.  Not as much pressure and it seems to be shrinking.  I am off again today so hopefully by 2:30 tomorrow this will be better or gone. 

My hubby is out of town again this week and it is starting to get lonely around here.  Thank God I have you guys to keep me company. 

I have to stay in again today so I am going to try and organize the bedrooms.  They are the only two rooms I haven't gotten to yet.

Hey, I have a question for you....Have you ever had a reoccuring dream about a house?  I keep having this dream that I own and am living in this huge house with a wrap around porch, two kitchens and close to five bedrooms.  I love this house and have never been in any one like it.  And then I wake up to my small little 2 bedroom house and am disappointed.

Don't get me wrong I love my little house , it's just that after dreaming about my mansion it seems so small.

Maybe in the future this will be a house I have.....past life?  I don't really believe in that....oh who knows.

All I do know is that I am thankful to have the house that I do have.  It is mine and all paid off.  We also have a truck and 3 cars which are all paid off.  I think this is pretty good for our ages.                                  

Hope everyone has a super  day. Hugs Barbara


robinngabster said...

I have a dream about a house all the time. I haven't had it in a year or so but used to have it often!!

Glad you are staying here in JLand.  BTW...I have a little two bedroom house and I bet mine is smaller than yours.  :)

his1desire said...

i'm glad you're staying here in jland too !!  i have dreams about houses but my house always has no bedrooms but lots of dining rooms .. i live in a little cottage so i always dream about bigger houses but to me that would just mean more to keep clean (ick) lol
sending you hugs

trickeytricky said...

I have thought about going somewhere else to, but this journal keeps me here. Glad you a feeling a little better today, and I hope you day is well too.

Amanda :)

lv2trnscrb said...

Of course I would miss you!! But I do think you can still access your journal through AIM or something like that - whatever that is, but I read people doing that who don't have AOL.

Glad your nose is getting better; enjoy your day off :)


stansgirl2004 said...

Yeah I would miss you.
I love that dream house LOL
Hope you feel 100% soon
Hugs, Marina

blondepennierae said...

I just got acquaited with you.  That wouldn't be fair at all.  Maybe your dream house is one will have in the future.  Who knows.  I'm glad to read that you nose is getting better.  Pennie

mtrib2 said...

I think that the "mistake" on your bill was intentional deceptive practice.   I would report what occured to your phone company (maybe they are in on the scam?).   To make a sales pitch that followed the "mistake" and trying to convince you to buy their service.   If you wanted to you could contact your state's Attorney General and file a complaint.   Then maybe your phone company would take notice.   I am getting AOL for $17.95/month unlimited usage.  They offered me the deal after getting 6 months with my new Dell free, plus an extra month from AOL.   Others are now getting it for $14.95/month after saying they are leaving and then agree to stay one year.   The journals is unique to AOL set up the way we have it.   I like the Blues music station that they offer also.   Happy to read that you are feeling better.    Have a good Holiday season.    mark