Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pecans in the Cemetary

Pecans In The Cemetery

On the outskirts of a small town, there was a big, old pecan
tree just inside the cemetery fence.  One day, two boys filled
up a bucketful of nuts and sat down by the tree, out of sight,
and began dividing the nuts.

"One for you, one for me.  One for you, one for me," said one
boy.  Several dropped and rolled down toward the fence.

Another boy came riding along the road on his bicycle.  As he
passed, he thought he heard voices from inside the cemetery.
He slowed down to investigate.  Sure enough, he heard,
"One for you, one for me.  One for you, one for me."

He just knew what it was.  He jumped back on his bike and rode
off.  Just around the bend he met an old man with a cane,
hobbling along.

"Come here quick," said the boy, "you won't believe what I
heard!  Satan and the Lord are down at the cemetery dividing up
the souls."

The man said, "Beat it kid, can't you see it's hard for me to
walk."  When the boy insisted though, the man hobbled to the
cemetery.  Standing by the fence they heard, "One for you, one
for me.  One for you, one for me..."

The old man whispered, "Boy, you've been tellin' the truth. 
Let's see if we can see the Lord."  Shaking with fear, they
peered through the fence, yet were still unable to see anything.

The old man and the boy gripped the wrought iron bars of the
fence tighter and tighter as they tried to get a glimpse of the

At last they heard, "One for you, one for me. That's all.
Now let's go get those nuts by the fence and we'll be done."

They say the old man made it back to town a full 5 minutes ahead
of the boy on the bike.     


(I borrowed this one from Rocketman)

How about this one:


You Know You Grew Up In The 80's or Early 90's If:

1. You've ever ended a sentence with the word SIKE.( LOL yeah sike)

2. You watched the Pound Puppies. (I loved this show!!!)

3. You can sing the rap to the Fresh Prince of Belair and can do the Carlton. (not sure on this one)

4. Girls wore biker shorts under their skirts and felt stylishly sexy. (heck I just wore the biker shorts LOL)

5. You yearned to be a member of the Baby-sitters club and tried to start a club of your own. (not me on this one)

6. You owned those lil' Strawberry Shortcake pals scented dolls. (of course still have mine...what?)

7. You know that "WOAH" comes from Joey on Blossom (loved Joey!)

8. Two words: Hammer Pants (?)

9. If you ever watched Fraggle Rock (gotta love those fraggles!)

10. You had plastic streamers on your handle bars... and spokey-dokes or playing cards on your spokes for that incredible sound effect (Um else would people know you were coming?)

11. You can sing the entire theme song to DuckTales  (Woo-ooh!) ( Nope)

12. It was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. (Exactly, what the heck do they show now? Poor kids!)

13. You wore a ponytail on the side of your head. (only a couple of times when Marsha Brady did it...)

14. You saw the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen...and still know the turtles names. (I know them turtles!)

15. You got super-excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school. (What?)

16. You made your mom buy one of those clips that would hold your shirt in a knot on the side. ( I hated those clips)

17. You played the game MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shelter, House) (?)

18. You wore stonewashed Jordache jean jackets and were proud of it. (no)

19. L.A. Gear....need I say more? (I was not a material girl..couldn't afford to be LOL)

20. Youwanted to change your name to JEM  in Kindergarten.(She's truly outrageous.) (no) In kindergarden I was a real princess who lived in a real castle.)

21. You remember reading Tales of a fourth grade nothing and all the Ramona books. (Great books)

22. You know the profound meaning of WAX ON, WAX OFF (what do you mean by profound )

23. You wanted to be a Goonie. (heck no)

24. You ever wore fluorescent clothing. (some of  us...head-to-toe) (not me)

25. You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose fell off and his cheeks shifted.  (yeah he used to be kinda cute)

26. You have ever pondered why Smurfette was the only female Smurf. (yeah what's up with that?)

27. You took lunch boxes to school... and traded Garbage Pailkids in the schoolyard. (LOL)

28. You remember the CRAZE, then the BANNING of slap bracelets. (yeah just because some kid got hurt..)

29. You still get the urge to NOT  after every sentence. ( I think I am guilty of this...NOT!)

30. You remember Hypercolor t-shirts. (no)

31. Barbie and the Rockers was your favorite band. (who?)

32. You thought She-ra (Princess of Power!) and He-Man should hook up. (why not?)

33. You thought your childhood friends would never leave because you exchanged handmade friendship bracelets. ( I know big fat liars!)

34. You ever owned a pair of Jelly-Shoes. (and like #24, probably in neon colors, too) ( Jelly shoes were way cool.)

35. After you saw Pee-Wee's Big Adventure you kept saying, "I know you are, but what am I?" (liked his show until he turned perv)

36. You remember I've fallen and I can't get up (Still have occasions to say this :()

37. You remember going to the skating rink before there were inline skates. (and wooden floors)

38. You ever got seriously injured on a Slip and Slide ( I thought I was but I wasn't)

39. You have ever played with a Skip-It. (yeah I remember those I think)

40. You had or attended a birthday party at McDonalds. ( We had at home parties)

41. You've gone through this nodding your head in agreement. ( now my neck hurts)

42. You remember Popples. (n0)

43. Don't worry, be happy ( My theme song!)

44. You wore like, EIGHT pairs of socks over tights with high top Reeboks. LOL no

45. You wore socks scrunched down (and sometimes still do... getting yelled at by younger hip members of the family) (no)

46. You remember boom boxes. . and walking around with one on your shoulder like you were all that. (not me but other wierdos around me)

47. You remember watching both Gremlins movies. Yes

48. You know what it meant to say Care Bear Stare!! (refresh my memory here...)

49. You remember watching Rainbow Bright and My Little Pony (yes)

50. You thought Doogie Howser/Samantha Micelli was hot. (n0)

51. You remember Alf, the lil furry brown alien from Melmac.  Alf where are you?

52. You remember New Kids on the Block when they were cool... and don't even flinch when people refer to them as NKOTB they were alright

53. You knew all the characters names and their life stories on Saved By The Bell The ORIGINAL class. some of them

54. You know all the words to Bon Jovi - SHOT THROUGH THE HEART.  MOst of them

55. You just sang those words to yourself. ( i tried but all I can remember is the chorus)

56. You remember watching Magic vs. Bird.  No is this basketball?

57. Homemade Levi shorts.. (the shorter the better) yep

58. You remember when mullets were cool! (?)

59. You had a mullet! don't think so

60. You still sing "We are the World" I love that song...we are the children....

61. You tight rolled your jeans. ( splain that?)

62. You owned a banana clip.  (yeah but it never stayed in my hair)

63. You remember Where's the Beef? ( That lady was hilarious!!!)

64. You used to (and probably still do) say What you talkin' about Willis? ( sometimes how did you know?)

65. You had big hair and you knew how to use it. I had wings that would fly literally in the breeze.)

66. You're still singing shot through the heart in your head, aren't you!!! (no I said!!!)

Where do you stand on this?



aljes12 said...

Lol!! GREAT entry! And thanks for the trip dowm memory lane!

- Jessica

krspkrmmom said...

OMG!!!  Like here's my answers to the 80s thing...

Annie =)

queenb8261 said...

These pertain more to my children than myself.  However Re: #52 New Kids On The Block.  Our daghter & her best friend were gaga for them.  I won a trip to Dallas for 4 to go see them.  Then the next year tix went on sale here for a concert in Lubbock. I went to the ticket outlet at noon the day before & someone was already in line.  So I was #2 in line.   A friend got the kids & brought sleeping bags, coats & blankets after school & we were in line till 8a.m. the next day.  (This was BEFORE cell phones).  A winter storm blew in about the time the ticket office opened.  The temp dropped about30 degrees & it started sleeting.  When I got back to the house (my boys were at home with Richard) Chad met me at the door hysterical saying that Dad was bad sick, he thinks he is dying.Richard was sicker than anyone I'd ever seen.  He'd say call an ambulance, then just get him to the hospital.  It took Chad & I to get him in the car & I got him to the hospital.  He was sick all right.  He was in the midst of a terrible gallbladder attack.  His gallbladder was actually dying-gangrenous.  He didn't want to ruin our fun by coming to the ticket line before he got so sick.  Well, we got our tickets.  He got to stay in the hospital & have surgery.  It was quite a night! Oh the 80s & 90s!

jckfrstross said...

What wonderful trip thank you:)


mtrib2 said...

The only thing that I can relate to is the playing cards attached with a clothes pin to make the bicycle sound really super cOOL, like neat, wOw.   mark

rocketman685434 said...

Great Entry.The Pecan one has been around a few times lol.

fasttrack58 said...

I remember all those things from the 80's!!!
Loved your comments next to them...
Linda :)

randlprysock said...

Oh I really enjoyed this one... really great entry!  Thanks for sharing.  I sure do miss the 80's and I still wear big hair.  Lol.  HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way.